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Ever since I was a little girl milk has always been my go-to drink after a game of “hide and seek” or “go home stay home” with the neighbourhood kids.

I guess when you’re always being reassured that “drinking milk makes you strong” and “calcium gives you strong bones” at a young age, it really does start being ingrained into you.

Especially if you have hopes to be fit and healthy when you’re older or have dreams and aspirations like mine which was to become a Silver Fern. I’ve been very fortunate to have had just a few minor injuries in my short career so far as a professional Netballer and I like to believe that from all the litres maybe even gallons of milk I’ve consumed over my 23 years, it has definitely played a huge part in my recovery and assisted my low injury rate.

I wasn’t aware of all the benefits protein would have growing up but now being in a high-performance environment and understanding my body a lot more I do see the advantages. Milk contains some key nutrients for the human body and one of these are Amino Acids which are the building blocks of Protein!



Protein helps to create and replace body tissues including bone, muscle and skin. With my high intensity gym, conditioning and court sessions my muscles are constantly under a bit of stress due to heavy loads and putting my body under pressure for performance gains but with Anchors New Protein+ range it has made getting my daily protein requirements a lot more convenient with early mornings and long trainings but also helps my body maintain lean body mass and repair and lower the risk of damage caused to my muscles. If you love cheese sauce like I do….. my recipe is below


Cheese Sauce Recipe Ingredients: 
2 tbs Plain flour·
2 tbs Butter·
1-2 cups Anchor Protein + Fresh Milk
1 cup Grated cheese·
Pinch Salt and Pepper
1 Melt butter in a pan (make sure it doesn’t burn), take off the heat and stir the flour into the butter until smooth.

2 Gradually adding the milk and repeatedly take the pan off and on the heat stirring until it has reached your desired thickness when simmering.

3 Take the pan off the stove and add the cheese (you don’t want to cook the cheese you just want it to melt into the sauce).

4 Make sure you mix well and enjoy 🙂

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